Who We Are

The Educational Psychologists (EPs) and Specialist Teachers working within CEPP are all experienced and well qualified in their fields.



Educational Psychologists (EPs)

Educational Psychologists (EPs) use a wide range of knowledge about psychology and apply this to their work with children and young people to move things forward. They have extensive training and experience of psychological theory and practice – continuing professional development is a critical part of the EP role. This means that within CEPP, different psychologists will be able to offer a range of skills such as advice with regards to targeted interventions or specific types of training. EPs focus on looking not only at the individual, but at the systems within which those individuals live and work, such as early years settings, schools and colleges as well as families.


CEPP EPs are registered with and regulated by the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) to legally practice – they can be found on the website under ‘practitioner psychologist’: www.hcpc-uk.co.uk


CEPP EPs follow professional codes of ethics, such as those outlined by the British Psychological Society (BPS)


Specialist Teachers

Specialist Teachers work alongside EPs to advise settings, schools, colleges and parents on meeting the educational needs of children and young people who experience difficulties with learning. Like the EPs working within CEPP, the Specialist Teachers offer support that includes consultation and advice, assessment and guidance on interventions as well as training.


CEPP Specialist Teachers all hold post-graduate level qualifications, including current Assessment Practising Certificates (APC) – they can be found on the website: www.sasc.org.uk/Assessors.aspx


Holders of a current APC are qualified to undertake assessments for access arrangements in exams and to write diagnostic assessment reports for students with a specific learning difficulty in post-18 education – including reports that are accepted as part of evidence for the application of Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)


CEPP Specialist Teachers adhere to the code of ethics established by the Professional Association Of Teachers and Assessors of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (PATOSS).




What We Can Do For You

For more information about what the CEPP team can do for you please get in touch to discuss your requirements:


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