What We Do

CEPP works with individual children and young people, and can also offer guidance and training at an organisational level. This follows the graduated response of Assess – Plan – Do – Review as outlined in the 2014 Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Code of Practice: 0 to 25 years



Working With Children & Young People

CEPP works by putting the child or young person at the centre of our enquiry. We receive commissions from individual schools, clusters of schools, colleges, local authorities and parents/carers.


Our work involves gathering information about what is happening now to find effective solutions and recommendations.


We do this in a number of ways:


Consultation with key individuals - parents/carers, the child or young person, teachers and other staff

Collaboration with other professionals - those who work in schools and with external agencies

Observation and/or Individual assessment - with the child or young person where appropriate


All members of the CEPP team have been checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)





Consultation with key individuals


The Children and Families Act 2014 is clear that “the views, wishes and feelings of the child and his or her parent, or the young person” are of great importance to achieve the best possible educational and other outcomes – and this is something that CEPP believes too.


We listen to the child or young person and parents/carers. This may be done through face-to-face meetings, over the telephone, through questionnaires or via email – however it is done, it is important to us.


Permission is always gained from parents/carers for pupils or young people under the age of 18 years old.


We know that teachers and other staff working in early years settings, schools and colleges hold a wealth of information about the children and young people – ‘soft’ as well as hard data. CEPP values such expertise.




Collaboration with other professionals


CEPP collaborates fully with other professionals involved in supporting the child or young person to make sure there is always ‘joined up’ thinking around how to take things forward.




Observation and/or individual assessment


It may be appropriate to carry out an observation within the classroom and/or an assessment with a child or young person. The Educational Psychologists (EPs) and Specialist Teachers working within CEPP have access to a range of assessments and professional approaches. These are tailored towards the concerns raised, which may be about academic progress, social and emotional development or language, communication and interaction difficulties. Such assessment are used to clarify and understand particular areas of need, and more importantly to inform next steps.





Working at an Organisational Level

CEPP provides school support to both individual schools and clusters of schools. We provide consultation that can be focused on individual pupils and/or whole school inclusion. We can deliver one-off bespoke themed packages as part of continuing professional development or accredited training courses.


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CEPP is always happy to discuss your requirements so do get in touch with us:


E: office@cepp.co.uk

T: 07854858916




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