OCR Level 7 Diploma (10219) in Assessing and Teaching Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia)

Target group

Diploma candidates are likely to be specialist teachers working within advisory, training or managerial roles and responsibilities and who wish to extend their knowledge of theory and practice relating to SpLDs in more than one context.


Although OCR promotes open access to all qualifications, in practice, candidates who do not have a professional background in providing learning support may find it difficult to access opportunities to generate the full range of evidence required to achieve the full qualification.



Structure of the course

Candidates who have completed the OCR Level 5 Diploma within the last 3 years may have exemption from Units 4 and 5 through accreditation for prior learning.

The course consists of 6 units:

• Understand theoretical concepts for teaching individuals with dyslexia/SpLDs

• Understanding psychometric and educational assessment methods in the context of dyslexia/SpLDs

• Assessing individuals for dyslexia/SpLDs

• Planning and teaching learning programmes for individuals with dyslexia/SpLDs

• Evaluation of teaching and learning programmes for individuals with dyslexia/SpLDs

• Relating theoretical and methodological perspectives to practice in the context of dyslexia/SpLDs

The main types of teaching for this course will include the following: lectures, tutorials, workshops, discussion groups, presentations, directed study, significant independent research and practical activities. Potential candidates should be aware there is a requirement for significant independent study and research, in their own time in addition to attendance at taught sessions. Unit submissions are both internally verified by the Centre’s Internal Verifier and externally verified by the External Verifier appointed by OCR.

All candidates will be expected to complete the course within a year of registration.  For candidates who need to re-take whole or part units where criteria have not previously been met, a fee of £60 per hour is charged for tutor support.


For further details please contact office@cepp.co.uk or telephone  07854858916

Dates: TBC

Times: TBC

Venue: City College Norwich

Fee: £TBC






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