OCR Level 7 Diploma (10218) in Teaching Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia)

Target group

This course is aimed at practising Teachers and experience Teaching Assistants who wish to develop their skills, widen their experience and achieved the prestigious OCR qualifications. This specialist qualification combines the theoretical knowledge that underpins successful assessment for teaching, planning intervention programmes and interpreting professional reports for learners with specific learning difficulties. Individual tutor support, regular taught sessions and opportunities to learn about up-to-date effective interventions add value to the much coveted qualification. Successful candidates may be able to progress to the OCR Level 7 Diploma in Assessing and Teaching Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia). They will also be able to progress to M.Ed level and other higher-level qualifications in education.


Structure of the course

The main types of teaching for this course will be: lectures, tutorials, workshops, discussion groups, directed study and research and practical activities.


In addition to the formative and summative assessment of written work, candidates will be observed teaching for assessment of practical skills. Observations will be followed by tutorials, providing the opportunity for in-depth discussion. The course consists of 4 units. Each unit is designed to be delivered in approximately 60 guided hours. The QCA definition of a ‘guided learning hour’ is: ‘A notional measure of the substance of a qualification. It includes an estimate of the time that might be allocated to direct teaching or instruction together with the other structured learning time such as directed assignments, assessments on the job or supported individual study and practice. It excludes ‘learner-initiated private study’.


The main types of teaching for this course will include the following: tutorials, workshops, lectures, discussion groups, practical teaching sessions and directed study and research. All units are internally assessed and verified, and then externally verified by OCR.



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